Rainbow salad

The spectrum of colours in this salad highlight the range of powerful antioxidant nutrients in the foods.  Great for immune health and energy levels it makes a tasty accompaniment to grilled chicken, fish or lentil bake 🙂

In a large bowl mix together chopped cooked beetroot, sliced mango, pomegranate seeds, 2 handfuls of mixed leaves (rocket, watercress, lambs lettuce, pea shoots, spinach – any green leaves); sliced avocado and a tablespoon of pine nuts.

Dress with a blend of flax oil, wholegrain mustard and lemon juice.


3 Easy Zingy Juice Ideas

These fantastic juice ideas are from the ‘Innocent Little Book of Drinks’.  Simple, tasty and guaranteed to wake you up!

#1 – Spinach and Spice

2-3 big handfuls of fresh spinach

2 large apples (preferably Royal Gala if you can get them)

1/2 lemon

Grated nutmeg

Remove the stalk from the spinach and put the leaves through the juicer.  Put the juice in a jug.  Cut the apples into wedges, juice and add to the jug.  Add the lemon juice and grated nutmeg, stir well and serve.

#2 – Carrot & Pink Grapefruit

5 carrots

2 pink grapferuits

Top and tail the carrots, put through the juicer and pour into a jug.  Squeeze the grapefruits and add the juice to the jug.  Mix and drink.

#3 – Peach and Redcurrant

1 apple (Royal Gala if possible)

1 large juicy peach

1 orange

2-3 handfuls of redcurrants or raspberries (fresh or frozen)

Cut the apple into wedges, put through the juicer and pour the juice into a blender.  Halve the peach, remove the stone and place the halves in the blender.  Squeeze the orange into the blender.  Add the redcurrants/raspberries and whizz everything until smoth.