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Need expert, search engine optimised copy to support your wellness brand?

Looking for engaging, inspiring blog posts to build the “know-like-trust” factor with potential clients?

Dream of creating your own ebook or paperback but never have time to write?

Sally Duffin nutrition and health copywriterywriter

I’m here to help with your health and wellbeing content.

With 20 plus years in the natural health industry, and over a decade as a nutrition practitioner working with supplement brands and other complementary experts, I am skilled at translating technical information into deliciously accessible content to engage and inspire readers.

Laptop and notepad with pen and a mug of coffee, all ready for the Clever Content Session

Clever Content Session

Who for?

Wellness therapists, practitioners, and smaller brands who want to write their own content but need help figuring out what to write for their ideal clients.


What you get

  • A pre-call Questionnaire to clarify some of the basics before we meet

  • 60-min Zoom session to brainstorm and plan what you are going to write, who it’s for, where to share it, and how to make the most of your fabulous content!

  • A post-session report that captures all the details and forms a handy guide for you to refer back to time after time

Fee – £197
Redeemable against a Blog Bundle OR 3 x 1000wds+ articles
(not redeemable against a single article fee)

In-depth Articles

Who for?

Wellness brands, natural health thought leaders, industry boards, therapists, and practitioners who want detailed long-form content to share with clients and position themselves as an industry expert.


Why use an in-depth article?

Long-form articles (1000+ words, up to 5000 words) provide the space needed to deep-dive into a topic.

You can use these on your website as cornerstone content for a specific topic, as a LinkedIn article, in newsletters, and as the backbone for a wide range of social media posts.

With so many possible uses, they’re a worthwhile investment for you and your brand.


What you get

  • A thoroughly researched, in-depth article about a specific topic

  • Optimised for your relevant SEO keywords and phrases

  • In-text hyperlinks to research and/or other relevant sources, and/or a reference list if required


Each project takes a different amount of time which is why I charge by the project and not an hourly rate. After all, why should you have to pay more if I’m having a slow research day!

To give you a flavour of my rates, here are the fees for a 1000-1500 word article. This includes planning, development, research, and writing, and up to two rounds of edits.

If scope creep starts to appear I will let you know so that we both stay on track with the expected outcome and fees.


Single 1000-1500wd article – £350

Package of 3 – £1000

 Blog Bundles

Who for?

Wellness brands, therapists and practitioners who want informative and friendly content to develop the “know-like-trust” factor with their clients and customers.


Why use a Blog Bundle?

These short-form articles (500 words) showcase your personality and brand tone of voice and help your reader to get to know you better.

Behind the scenes, the Blog Bundle gives your website a healthy dose of SEO as well as providing juicy social media content.



What you get

  • 2 x 500 word blogs OR 1 x 1000wd article or case study per month

  • Optimised for your relevant SEO keywords and phrases

  • Up to 5 in-text hyperlinks to research and/or other relevant sources per blog, and/or a reference list if required

  • 3 Done-for-you social media snippets per article so you can post about them on your chosen platforms

  • List of relevant social media #

  • Done-for-you Canva blog header image for each article


Fees include planning, development, research, and writing, and up to two rounds of edits.


£500 per month, 3-month minimum contract (fees can be paid monthly in advance).


£490 per month for 6 month+ contract.



Creating an ebook for your business is a brilliant way to capture your knowledge and share it with fans and followers.

You might want an ebook as:

– A freebie download to attract people to your mailing list

– To be part of your curated content for clients

– As an evergreen income stream

However you want to use it, an ebook can become a valuable part of your business ecosystem, earning you new clients and better income.

Now who wouldn’t want that?

How it works

We have an initial planning session together either in-person or on Zoom to map out your ebook content and clarify where it sits within your brand offerings.

Once we are clear on content, word count, layout, and any images, I get to work writing and designing it.

Up to 2 rounds of edits are included in the fee. I use Canva Pro to design ebooks – if you prefer a different design format we can discuss this.

Once the ebook is complete I send you the final PDF version and a Word.doc of the written copy.


Fees – this can only be confirmed once I know the specifics of your project, but as a ballpark figure, a simple ebook of up to 2000wds that works brilliantly as a lead magnet or passive income product starts at around £900.

Drop me a line TODAY to arrange a free, no-obligation chat about your ebook project.

A ladies hand writing in a notepad, making notes about her ebook

Hang on though, how do I know you won’t just use ChatGPT to write my content?

You’ll have to take my word for it – I don’t use ChatGPT.

To me it’s a form of plagiarism – machine learning based on other peoples work. And it frequently gets its facts wrong. From made-up references to inventing places that don’t exist on any map, I’ve seen first-hand the damage ChatGPT can do and I choose not to participate in this mess.

Rest assured, the content you receive from me will be entirely my own work, informed by our discussions.

Having said that, YOU can use ChatGPT!

If you want to create your own content using ChatGPT or any other AI, I can edit it, check references,  and make sure it fits your brand tone of voice.


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Tiziana Bertinotti

York Traditional Acupuncture

Sally Duffin has been writing a regular column for The Press, York, for several years and writes in a clear, engaging and informative way about her subject – food and nutrition – with a journalist’s eye too for what is topical. And she never misses a deadline!

Maxine Gordon, Journalist & PR Coach

Writing clients  include…

York Press

Monthly columnist from Jan 2014 – Dec 2019.  See some examples at:

York Press monthly columnist Jan 2014 – December 2019
Author profile here

Nutrigold Ltd

Nutrigold Ltd: as a member of the education team (2012 – 2017) I created blogs and newsletters, and presented webinars on topics including menopause, mental health, food intolerances, and digestive health

The Beet

This US website covers health and wellness with a plant-based aspect. Topics I have covered include phytoestrogens for perimenopausal health, the benefits of maca root, and antidepressant plant foods.


Part of a team of writers producing website content on various health topics.


Created a set of articles for the in-house magazine of the British & International Golf Greenkeepers’ Association

York Traditional Acupuncture

I’ve been ghost writing Tiziana’s blog for several years now, and love capturing her unique approach.

The Food Rush (now Eco & Beyond)

The Food Rush (now Eco & Beyond): author profile here

CAM magazine (now IHCAN)

Case study published January 2016