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Podcast appearances

Talking about nutrition is one of my favourite things. Luckily for me, people invite me onto their podcasts to do exactly that.

From Psorasis Geek to 15 Minute Freelancer, here you can access all my podcast appearances and catch up on practical, sustainable ways to bring good nutrition into your life.

Nutrition Brought to Life Podcast. Series 2, episode 1

The Nutrition Brought to Life Podcast Series is run by nutritional therapist and writer Kirsten Chick, to accompany her book of the same name.


In episode 1 we chat about how I went from selling underwear to writing for some of the top supplement companies, and what to do with nettles and wormholes of research.


In episode 2  we go on to talk more about my book and share some perimenopause and menopause advice.
Nutrition Brought to Life Series 2, episode 2
Picture of Arleen Scholten and the title of her podcast Highly Functional Females

Highly Functional Females is a podcast of health tips and biohacks run by Arleen Scholten.

Arleen interviews inspiring Females who share their life experiences, knowledge and Life Hacks for implementing and sustaining healthy living in all areas of their lives – professional and personal.

In this episode we discuss the link between our gut microbiome and the role these bacteria play on our mood and hormones. The research in this area is exploding, and is enabling us to better understand our mental and physical health.

Health copywriter Louise Shanahan runs the 15 Minute Freelancer podcast, your snack-sized guide to being your own boss and building a business and life you love. In this podcast series you’ll get practical strategies and behind the scenes stories from Louise, so you can create a freelance business that works for you.

We pack a lot into this episode, including:

  • Why we must stop self-care from falling off our radar
  • Tips for building healthy habits into your day (and sticking to them)
  • Eating for mental well-being
  • Small changes that have a big impact on stress
  • How menopause can affect freelance life + my advice on recognising and managing perimenopausal symptoms
Picture of Louise Shanahan, podcast host of 15 Minute Freelancer
The Psoriasis Geek logo

Gemma Boak aka the Psoriasis Geek, is a health writer, researcher, and podcaster living with chronic psoriasis. She wholeheartedly believes that living a happy life with psoriasis involves tuning back into your body and learning how to support your whole self instead of going to war with it.

Gemma’s brilliant podcast covers all aspects of living with psoriasis; from what to eat, and how to manage your mindset, through to how to help teens and tots with this condition.  I was lucky enough to talk with Gemma about nutrition and lifestyle changes that can support people living with psoriasis.