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I’m Sally Duffin, Registered Nutritional Therapist (rCNHC) and Nutritionist (MBANT).

Here you can find details of local BANT Registered Nutrition practitioners, read the latest news and tips on the blog, find recipes, and contact me to discuss workshops and writing work.

Work with me
Meet the Producer:  Eleanor from Riverford Organic

Meet the Producer: Eleanor from Riverford Organic

Friday mornings are a bit exciting in my house; it's Riverford delivery day.  At around 9.30am a friendly driver drops off the weekly box (hiding it behind the recycling bin if no-one's home) packed with a delicious selection of organic fruit and vegetables.  And,...

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Nutrition tips I’d share with my 14 year old self!

Nutrition tips I’d share with my 14 year old self!

If I had a magic time machine I'd go back to the early 90s and have a quiet word with myself about food.  I'd also have a quiet word about hairstyles and picking at spots, but food would be first. At age 14 I was a terrible pescetarian.  I lived on tuna pasta bake,...

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Books & Resources

These are some of my all time favourite health and well-being books, packed with ideas, inspiration and truths.  Happy reading!

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About Sally

I understand the need to empower and inform clients and support them in making changes that are right for them – not ‘one size fits all’​ guidelines that really fit nobody.

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York Nutrition Therapists

There’s a thriving community of BANT & CNHC Registered nutrition practitioners here in York.

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“Thanks so much.  Your sessions are always so interesting and helpful for the group.” Group leader, Menopause workshop for Kyra Women’s Project

“it was a pleasure meeting you and money well spent,  I found you very approachable, and you instantly made me very relaxed, your passion for what you believe in came across very strongly I would not hesitate in recommending you to others.   You are a good example you look fab.”  JS

Sally Duffin has been writing a regular column for The Press, York, for several years and writes in a clear, engaging and informative way about her subject – food and nutrition – with a journalist’s eye too for what is topical. And she never misses a deadline!”  Maxine Gordon, York Press

I am absolutely delighted with my results and am so pleased I decided to get an alternative opinion to what my GP was suggesting. In fact the simple discovery of omitting corn has literally changed my life not only for my well being but also for the control this has given me over my own body and weight loss. I am so happy and relieved”  JJ

Sally has been writing my Acupuncture blogs for quite a few years now and I could not be happier with her service. Sally is very punctual, professional and she writes beautifully. All I need to do is to give Sally an idea and, a few days later, she produces a very well-researched, detailed and informative piece of writing. It’s almost like she can read my mind! I am very grateful to Sally and her writing work as that’s certainly contributed to my having a thriving acupuncture practice. I could not recommend Sally highly enough. Thank you so much! Tiziana Bertinotti L.Ac. – York Traditional Acupuncture

“A very big thank you to Sally. I am very much enjoying my new diet and way of life.  I no longer suffer from headaches and migraines and I feel so much lighter.  I really wished I had started it earlier.”  SS