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Hello! I’m Sally

Nutrition copywriter, author, speaker.


Need mouth-watering content? I produce easily digestible articles, presentations and podcasts about the transformative power of great nutrition.

My story

Nutritionists have a reputation for being pious, clean-living individuals, baking kamut muffins for fun.  I hate to disappoint you – I’m really not like that.

I was a terrible pescatarian in my teens and early twenties. Well, more of a ‘pastafarian’​ given I lived on pasta bake and cheese. My poor food choices led to zero energy, spots, raging pre-menstrual tension, bloating, crazy bowel habits…

But everything changed when I started working at Tullivers a fantastic health food store in York, UK. Here I began my journey into the world of nutrition, herbs, and positive lifestyle changes.

It was so rewarding helping customers that I decided to become a Nutritional Therapist. For more than a decade I ran a private clinic in York. I’m now a lifestyle medicine and nutrition copywriter, author and speaker.  As well as running workshops to improve employee wellbeing.


Professional qualifications and memberships


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Who I help

I’ve harnessed the power of practical nutritional information for everyone from supplement companies to insurance firms.  Discover the impact great content delivers in my Testimonials page.


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Corporate responsibility

Every year I work pro-rata or at reduced rates for small charities and not-for-profit organisations close to my heart. 

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I’d love to help you and your organisation as a writer, speaker or trainer.  Just call me on 07910 705272 or email sallyduffin@nutritioninyork.co.uk