About Sally

My aim is to empower you to make the best choices for your own health and wellbeing.

Hello! I’m Sally

Registered Nutritional Therapist & Registered Nutritionist

Nutritional therapists are often viewed as pious, clean-living individuals, baking kamut muffins for fun.  I hate to disappoint you – I’m really not like that.

Having spent my teens and early twenties as a terrible pescatrian (more of a ‘pastafarian’​ if I’m honest, living on pasta bake and cheese) I know from experience the detrimental effects of poor food choices.

Zero energy, spots, raging pre-menstrual tension, bloating, crazy bowel habits…the list goes on.

At age 21 I got a job in a fantastic local healthfood store (Tullivers in York city centre) and slowly began my journey into the world of herbs, nutrition, naturopathy and positive lifestyle changes.

I loved sharing this information with customers and decided to take things further by qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist.

Fast forward quite a few years (and a few grey hairs, and a return to eating meat!) and I now run ‘Nutrition in York’​ working with groups and 1-on-1 clients empowering them to make a positive difference to their health & wellbeing; write nutrition & 
health articles for various publications, and work in nutrition education as Clinic Supervisor and Module Leader for Clinical Practice on the MSc Nutrition Science & Practice course at Northern College of Acupuncture here in York.

My Approach & Values

I understand the need to empower and inform clients and support them in making changes that are right for them – not ‘one size fits all’​ guidelines that really fit nobody.

Guided by the naturopathic principles of seeking the underlying cause of ill-health, and working with the bodys innate healing powers and natural rhythms, I use Functional Medicine guidelines to assess your health needs and put together a nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan suited to your requirements.

Since 2011 I have worked with RNIB and Sight Support Ryedale delivering nutrition workshops as part of their programme for people newly diagnosed with sight loss.

My Qualifications

  • I holds a BSc in Nutritional Medicine
  • Full membership of BANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine)
  • Fellowship of The Health Food Institute (HFI) and am fully CNHC registered
  • I undertake plenty of ongoing Continuous Professional Development to keep abreast of news, research and techniques.


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Nutrition Writing

Read my regular nutrition column for The York Press at http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/search/?search=sally+duffin

“Halt Those Boring Diets”

“Show your heart some love”

“Conquer exam stress the natural way”

I produced a fascinating Newsletter for Nutrigold Ltd about the naturopathic technique of Castor Oil Packing…

The lovely people at BBC Radio Yorkregularly ask me to comment on nutrition and health news stories and I take part in a twice yearly phone in session, answering listeners health questions.

Much to the amusement of my family, I’ve even appeared on Sky News talking about beans and lentils! And I also pop up in several health magazines discussing health and nutrition; click through for my interview with Shopping Lifestyle on healthy fats.

If you are looking for...


  • Personalised nutrition and wellbeing support

  • Nutrition & complementary health blog posts, magazine articles, website  or newsletter copy – from general health interest right through to specific & fully referenced articles!

  • A nutrition & wellbeing workshop for your group or workplace

you are in the right place and I would love to talk to you!  Please email sallyduffin@nutritioninyork.co.uk  or call / text on 07910 705272 to get the conversation started…