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Meet the Producer:  Eleanor from Riverford Organic

Meet the Producer: Eleanor from Riverford Organic

Friday mornings are a bit exciting in my house; it's Riverford delivery day.  At around 9.30am a friendly driver drops off the weekly box (hiding it behind the recycling bin if no-one's home) packed with a delicious selection of organic fruit and vegetables.  And,...

Nutrition tips I’d share with my 14 year old self!

Nutrition tips I’d share with my 14 year old self!

If I had a magic time machine I'd go back to the early 90s and have a quiet word with myself about food.  I'd also have a quiet word about hairstyles and picking at spots, but food would be first. At age 14 I was a terrible pescetarian.  I lived on tuna pasta bake,...

Sourdough September

It's that time of year again...the ninth month... it's Sourdough September!  This month-long celebration of all things sourdough is a national event run by the Real Bread Campaign with the aim of encouraging people to enjoy genuine sourdough products and support the...

Gluten: What happens when we eat it?

Gluten is a type of protein found in the grains of wheat, barley, and rye.  It's made up of several different protein fractions, and can be difficult for some people to digest. But why? Haven't we been eating wheat, barley, and rye for thousands of years?  Surely...

What to eat to help you sleep

Can you remember the last time you had a refreshing, restorative night's sleep? Do you struggle to get to sleep, or wake up in the wee small hours wide awake and unable to drop off again? Just as certain foodstuffs can keep us awake (here's looking at you caffeine...)...

7 Steps to Mindfully Manage Acid Reflux & Heartburn

It's a familiar situation: you've been dashing round all day grabbing food on the go when suddenly, heartburn starts. Ouch. Heartburn (also called acid reflux) is caused by stomach acid escaping up into the oesophagus (the tube that runs from your throat to your...


  • Pre-consultation health & nutrition questionnaire.

  • Face-to-face consultation lasting up to 90mins: this is your opportunity to share your health concerns, ask questions, and discover practical ways to include the key foods & nutrients you need.
    We may also discuss functional tests that may be relevant and useful to gaining a better understanding of what is happening with your health.  There is no obligation to take these tests, and all options will be explained in full.
  • Personal health action plan: each action point is discussed in full so that you are happy with the suggestions, and leave feeling inspired and motivated to make change happen!
  • Supplement recommendations (if applicable): the aim is to support your health and wellbeing through foods, though in certain circumstances I will discuss supplements too if I feel they can be of particular benefit.
  • Email support for the next 4-5 weeks: I'm happy to answer any quick questions via email.  Longer queries (i.e. if they will take longer than 10 minutes to answer by email) will be answered at your next face-to-face appointment.

“Sally was truly lovely, with a calm and reassuring manner, and I soon felt at ease. The consultation, and testing, was professional and the advice invaluable. I have been extremely pleased with the results and have enjoyed a better quality of life as a result of my visit. 


Laboratory Testing:

Various tests are available to help us uncover the root imbalances in your health, including:

  • Test for food intolerances: these can help to clear up these confusions and provide you with clarity and confidence about what foods to eat and which to avoid.  See below for more details or call/email.
  • Stool tests – helpful for identifying gut bacterial imbalances that may be contributing to health issues such as IBS, bloating, altered bowel habits and poor nutrient absorption.
  • Adrenal function tests – long term stress impacts adrenal hormone balance, contributing to health issues such as fatigue, decreased stress tolerance, low immunity and poor blood sugar balance.
  • Thyroid function tests – standard thyroid tests only look at a small part of thyroid function and may come back as normal despite your visible symptoms!  Long term stress and auto immune conditions may impact upon thyroid health.
  • For details and prices of these tests please call or email.

I use Cambridge Nutritional Sciences ELISA blood sample tests and can offer the Food Detective test or the full range of FoodPrint tests.


“I am absolutely delighted with my results and am so pleased I decided to get an alternative opinion to what my GP was suggesting. In fact the simple discovery of omitting corn has literally changed my life not only for my well being but also for the control this has given me over my own body. I am so happy and relieved




Are available for all treatment options – ideal gifts for family and friends!


Nutrition Focus Follow-On session (60mins): £70

  • At least one Follow-On session is usually required, sometimes 2-3 depending on the complexity of your health issues and rate of progress. 
    The first Follow-On takes place 4-5 weeks after starting the Plan, and gives us time to review your progress so far, discuss test results (if applicable) and set new recommendations.

Nutrition Focus Catch Up session (up to 90mins): £90

  • For ongoing clients who perhaps haven't visited in a while and need more time than a standard Follow-On session. 
  • Also for clients who need more time to go through complex test results

Food Detective test: £55 in addition to consultation fee

  • This simple pin-prick blood test checks for reactions against 59 of the most common food intolerances.  The test takes 45 minutes to do so you will leave your session with a clear idea of any foods that may be contributing to your symptoms and what you can eat instead!

FoodPrint tests

  • These are laboratory run tests that provide detailed analysis of immune system reactions to over 120 different foods.   The range of FoodPrint tests includes Vegetarian and Vegan options.