5 Ways To Get Your Festive Glow

Do you spend your Christmas feeling exhausted, frazzled and so bloated your party clothes don’t fit?  Does every New Year begin with bold declarations of healthy eating and getting in shape?

Are you determined to feel different this year?

Making small manageable changes now, a few weeks before Santa arrives allows time for new positive eating habits to form and can mean the difference between feeling like a worn out Christmas donkey and a shining Christmas star.

1. Eat 1 more vegetable serving each day.  By Christmas, thats masses of extra portions of veg! Be inventive and try juicing – click here for great juice recipe ideas – , smoothies, vegetable soups, carrots for breakfast (see ‘Recipes’ page for details!)

2. Bloating stomachs and irritable bowels need attention.  Bitter herbs like yarrow and centaury stimulate your stomach to produce digestive juices and break down food properly, or try a digestive enzyme formula.  Constipated? Linseed tea is brilliant for soothing and hydrating a dry, sluggish bowel – see the ‘Recipes’ page

3.  Wheat causes bloating, pain and low energy for many people but cutting it out can seem very daunting!  Start by opting for a wheat-free breakfast each day; porridge gets you warm and glowing and can be made with oatmeal, whole oats, quinoa flakes, buckwheat flakes…

4. Give your body time to detox and rest!  Being asleep by 11pm as often as possible gives your liver plenty of time to do its detoxing work and will shift those dark circles from under your eyes

5. Central heating and cold winter winds  can leave you looking red and ruddy.  As well as following point no.2, practise dry skin brushing every day before a bath or shower to stimulate your lymph system and give your skin that tingly-just-exercised-really-well glow .  With a long handled bath brush, brush your feet, legs, tummy, back, arms and neck, always in the direction of your heart, for 2-3 mins.

And if the mere thought of Christmas is making you anxious, start supporting your nervous system now with a good quality multivitamin formula (containing at least a 50mg B-complex) and the wonderful grounding, energising herb Ashwagandha.

Smile, relax and enjoy the season!