Multivitamins and minerals as an alternative to depression medication?

A panel of scientists at the Institute of Food Technologists has been debating the research that shows how higher levels of vitamins and minerals can enhance mental wellbeing and be particularly beneficial for people suffering with anxiety and depression.

It has long been known that B-vitamins in particular suppport brain function and the health of the nervous system; magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D and omega-3 essential fats are just as crucial.  These nutrients work as a team in the brain, supporting the production and function of neurotransmitters and hormones.

The panel discussion focused on the use of vitamin and mineral supplements – not just a healthy balanced diet – for supporting mental vitality and wellbeing and suggested they are a suitable alternative to medications which frequently have unpleasant side effects.

During times of stress and anxiety the body’s need for these brain boosting nutrients increases yet we often rely more on sugary processed foods and stimulants like tea, coffee and alcohol as we feel too tired or busy to eat properly.  Taking a good quality, high strength multinutrient formula (good brands include Nutrigold, Solgar, Natures Plus, Quest and Nutri) can cover the gaps in the diet and offer that extra support.