6 Simple Changes to Boost Your Energy

When I talk to clients about their nutritional therapy treatment recommendations, I emphasise the importance of making changes gradually.  Try and do everything at once and it becomes an overwhelming nightmare with rice milk and buckwheat all over the kitchen.

With this in mind, here are 6 simple, positive food and lifestyle changes you can make today:

  • Go and buy a reusable BPA-free drinking bottle – it looks good, is environmentally friendly and gets you on the way to drinking more water!
  • Drink the water in the bottle…
  • Swap your Snickers for a Nak’d bar.  The cocoa orange version tastes just like a chocolate orange. Trust me.
  • Eat breakfast – properly.  Get up 10mins earlier and make yourself oatmeal porridge with blueberries, it will set you up for whatever the day throws at you.
  • Try something new for lunch; quinoa and bean salad or a thick tasty soup
  • Put your coffee machine back in the kitchen cupboard and bring out the juicer or smoothie maker instead
  • And one extra tip because I kind of cheated with no.2 – relax.  Sit still for 10mins after eating your evening meal and relax, your stomach will thank you for it.