Top 5 Sprout Recipes

The beautiful sprout must be the vegetable equivalent of Marmite – loved and hated in equal measure.  These little round brassicas are packed with folic acid, vitamin B6 (good for low mood and ‘winter blues’) potassium, fibre and glucosinolates; plant compounds with cancer-fighting powers and can be enjoyed for the next few weeks of Sprout Season not just on Christmas Day!

Stuck for ideas of what to do with them?  Here’s 5 to get you started…

1. Classic Sprout – lightly steamed and drizzled with olive or hazelnut oil and a few flaked almonds

2. Rich Red Sprout – gently fry chopped good quality bacon and red onion in coconut oil until the onions are soft and sticky.  Add steamed sprouts, mix together and top with pine nuts

3. Fruity Sprout – add finely chopped raw sprouts to a salad mixture of  lambs lettuce, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate seeds.  Dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

4. Stir fry Sprout – sprouts are efectively mini cabbages and taste delicious in a stir fry.  Add chopped or shredded sprouts to your wok with sliced peppers, beanshoots, carrot, mushrooms, chilli, ginger and cashew nuts

5. Hidden Sprout – sneak any leftover sprouts into a rich warming turkey stew!

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