Love and hearts are the order of the day on Valentine’s Day!  Racing hearts are all well and good when it is the object of your desire that is quickening your pulse but if you’re experiencing high blood pressure or palpitations and Mr D’Arcy is nowhere in sight – yes ladies, I’m talking to you as heart disease kills more of us than all cancers put together – then you need to see your GP immediately.

If you are at increased risk of heart disease consider these top food tips for ways to support cardiovascular health:

– Green leafy vegetables, cashew nuts & pumpkin seeds; all packed with magnesium.  This is the ‘anti-stress’ mineral needed for energy production and muscle health.  The heart is one big muscle using tons of energy so make sure you include at least 1 serving of greens a day

Omega-3 essential fats; powerfully anti-inflammatory and needed to keep our blood flowing smoothly, omega-3 fats also support skin health so you can look young and feel young!  Include oily fish, seeds, nuts and flax oil in your meals

– Coconut oil; rich in fatty acids used that keep our metabolism pepped up and digestion healthy, coconut oil is stable at high temperatures and ideal for roasting, baking and stir-frying making it an excellent replacement for saturated fats, trans fats, margarines and low quality cooking oils.  Our hearts love healthy fats!

– Avocadoes, wheatgerm, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds; rich in vitamin E and zinc, antioxidant nutrients with protective actions on the circulatory system.

Nourish your own unique heart this Valentines Day with these delicious foods!