Top of my List of Inspiration this week are the Yorkshire Rows: 4 brave and amazing women from Yorkshire who have just rowed the Atlantic ocean and achieved the World Record for being the oldest ladies to do it.YorkshireRows_Guardian

Helen, Niki, Frances and Janette set off from the Canaries in late December, rowed 3000 nautical miles – facing hurricanes, storms and endless technical issues along the way – and arrived in Antigua last Thursday after 68 days at sea.

They left their children and husbands at home, spent Christmas on board the boat and had only brief satellite telephone communications with loved ones.

What made them do it?  Well, they wanted to raise money for two hugely important charities – Maggies Cancer Care Centre and Yorkshire Air Ambulance – and to prove that anything is possible.

The ladies had never rowed for more than a few hours before starting training, and had only rowed on the open sea once before the race: in 2015 they crossed from Yorkshire to Holland and Helen discovered she was seasick!

During the race they worked in shifts of 2 hours rowing and 2 hours sleep, non-stop 24 hours a day for 68 days.

I advised the ladies on their nutrition whilst in training for the race.  They worked incredibly hard juggling full time jobs and family life with intensive training and raising the sponsorship needed to build and run the boat.

When I heard last week of their arrival in English Harbour, Antigua, I cried joyful tears!  These down-to-earth, normal working Mums had just completed what is described as the hardest race on Earth and in doing so, silenced any doubts about what can be achieved and what people are capable of once focus, belief and consistent effort come into play.

Everyone has their own personal Atlantic to row – you might even have more than one!  (Mine is to write a short story book…).  I see clients every week who are struggling to get through ill-health and disease and whilst I can guide, support and encourage them, they are the ones who have to focus and take small, consistent steps in the right direction if they want to regain their wellbeing.

The point is, it can be done.  Might not be easy plain sailing but it can be done.  A few years ago Helen, Niki, Janette and Frances would have laughed out loud if someone told them to row an ocean but now they’ve done it and cemented their place in history.

You have the power to ask for support and to start taking steps towards better, brighter health.  If this is what you truly want, get in touch and start the conversation – I’m happy to chat to you!

And to find out more about the brilliant Yorkshire Rows go to